Turning to Anne Lamott

Once upon a time,  when I was giving my talk, THEN AND NOW – about what women artists had achieved for their equality in the art world from 1972-1992  – at the California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA the Gorilla Girls ran in on a special appearance to give me a hug.  That was a high spot for me. I thought about them and wondered where they were when I needed them earlier today.
Getting started this morning I needed some encouragement so I re-read @Anne Lamott’s FaceBook post of last week. Maybe you too look to her for a different way of thinking or an unexpected perspective about life.I stopped at these lines and started laughing out loud.
From her March 4, 2015 long post -” Or, as my pastor said when I was fearfully headed on a plane 10,000 miles away, “When you step onto a plane, it’s a little late for beggy prayers. It’s time for trust and surrender.”Yep!! Right on Anne – “a little late for beggy prayers” in more situations than taking your seat on a plane.
“Beggy prayers.” That’s it isn’t it – – – in my case begging instead of thinking of the blessings and thanking God for them. Instead of looking a situation straight on and working out a solution – I was lamenting one of those situations last night – and hurt and insulted when my daughter charged me with begging about something — instead of deciding about it. Fortunately I got over my mad in time to see that she was right.Do you you hate that like I do — seeing when people are right and having to admit you are about to head out on the wrong plane — well anyway – no beggy prayers right now – – thanks to my daughter and now thanks to Anne Lamott I have a name for it.
I think I should make a needlepoint pillow or have a tatoo – “no beggy prayers – trust and surrender”- oh, darn…trust and surrender…now that’s another challenge.
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