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What people have said about The Hello Girls lately:
” In her striking depiction of the Hello Girls, who worked alongside the Doughboys of World War I, Ellouise Schoettler provides a memorable portrayal of a too long forgotten group of American women.”   J. Lee Annis, Jr. Chairman, Department of History and Political Science, Montgomery College-Rockville, Rockville, MD   April 2015
” Your re-creation of these women’s stories brought history to life for our students showing them that they shared the same hopes, dreams, fears and ambitions of these brave Americans of World War I.” Genevieve Carminati, Women Studies College-wide Coordinator, Montgomery College, Rockville, MD    April  2015
“For our house concert audience,  Ellouises Schoettler opened an episode of American History that didn’t make the history books, stories of unsung American heroes who, thanks to Ellouise’s fine storytelling, will not soon be forgotten.” Megan Hicks, Storyteller and Producer, Rose Valley Storytelling Series, Media, PA  April 2015

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