Holding Hands

Holding Hands

Sitting my parked car listening to Fifties on 5 on Sirius XM I watched a couple walk by.  When I noticed that they were holding hands my hands felt empty. I lifted a pen and wrote this poem.

Jim in a Composition 1 Composition with Jim, e.schoettler, 1979

I saw a couple holding hands as they walked down the street

imagining the warm feeling  in their hands

made me miss the connection

I’ve lost touch with Jim


We used to hold hands

he would take hold of mine

or I would reach out and touch him

his leg or arms or hand  –

I miss that connection.


When we were dating

I would wait

anticipating his touch

on my  hand or my arm

or his putting his arms around me.


As the months and years went on

I reached out for him

no longer shy

just wanting to feel him near me.


The world feels empty without that

I can’t touch him

he’s not here

I reach for him but

he has  gone


Death is so cruel.

it makes you understand

the importance of the things you took for granted.


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