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  1. I read your husband’s obituary in the Washington Post last year. The name “Schoettler” caught my eye because Sandra Schoettler was my University of San Francisco roommate in 1960. Thanks to the article, we reconnected after many years. Lo and behold, I recently picked up a copy of The Beacon and “Schoettler” again leaped out. I’m sending the article to Sandy. marian celli

    1. Just saw your comment. Isn’t small world stuff wonderful – especially when it brings you together with an old friend. I don’t know a Sandra b ut I do a know a Sandy – is your former room-mate Bob’s daughter. That would be so and Jim would be so delighted to know about the connecting. Thanks for writing. If you are interested, I will be telling the Arlington story, November 10 at the Women’s Military Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. If you do come please let me know you are there.

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